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A mala is a 108 beads necklace that means « garland of flower » in sanskrit and have been used for thousands of years by Hinduists and Buddhists. Malas serve as a counting device during meditation to keep track of the number of mantras to repeat: one mantra or affirmation per bead. It also serves as a physical cue to stay in the present time: as fingers slide from bead to bead and the mind starts to wander, the mala will be there to gently guide your attention back to the sound of the mantra. In a sense, mala is a fantastic friend, an help to let go of your thoughts. As you invest all those positives vibes in this object that accompanies you through these peaceful moments, it will support you in your journey to get free of your often hyperactive mental.


So, do you need to meditate to wear a mala? Of course not! Anybody can wear a mala: students, professionals, business people, musicians, parents, grand-parents, kids... even the pope! Well... maybe not, but you get what we are saying, yes? Wearing a mala is a good way of manifesting your will to be a better person, to always keep improving, that you value yourself and your interior world.


What are your life goals? Your montly objective? Set an intention in your mala and wear it as a reminder to stay focused and true to yourself. Use the semi-precious gemstones very stable vibrations to send for yourself and your loved ones the better vibes possible in the universe.


All of our malas are designed and assembled by us, a family of artists and laughers, in a beautiful place filled with love, surrounded by nature, in the Laurentian mountains in Quebec, Canada. We put a special care in the choosing of our gemstones, that are believed to carry good vibrations and energies to help you deal with what life has in store for you. It is the same thing for our suppliers: we try to choose wisely so we pay a fair price and have a great business relationship with the artists.

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