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What a journey this life is!


On this website, you’ll find a glimpse of our family's universe. We are artists who like to create, laugh, travel and seek new challenges together. Our taste for beauty and bohemian lifestyle inspired us to create this oasis where we can meet you and share with you. It’s our 'Ali Baba’s' cave in which we gathered affordable malas, jewels and fashion accessories that inspire us to wander and feel free.


We believe in the power of intention and positive energy. Thus, we create and gather objects that can help you in your search for personal, social, professional and spiritual growth; no goal is out of reach with hard work, faith and help from your loved ones! So most of our jewels are made with gemstones, crystals, sacred seeds and woods with specific properties for this purpose. They will become great allies in your life and accompany you in all your adventures.


We wish you love, strength and good luck!



The Dalaï Mala family


Gabrielle Savoie


Artist from head to toes, self-taught, she is a photographer, with a keen interest in decoration, writing, drawing... at which she excels! She has THE fairy touch! She taught her girls the art of passion and living and has the most generous heart.

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Camille Savoie


Colours, va va voom and passion! Gifted, she has the artistic magic and the stage spirit, the wisdom of an old woman and a young heart. Energetic and funny, she is a laughing therapy! And she has the charm, the beauty and the elegance of a pin-up!

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Anne-Marie S. Benoit


Brainy and curious, writer on her free time, she inherits the love of art and business. City-dweller and more edgy, she's sensitive and compassionate. She loves traveling and is always seeking growth from new experiences.

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