As for the semi-precious gemstone beads, we believe some woods and seeds have properties. They have been used for millennium by some civilizations in the making of sacred object, in rituals and in healing process. 


☽ Rudraksha means «the eyes of Shiva» in Sanskrit; it is believed that after meditating on human welfare, Shiva cried tears of compassion that transformed into trees after hitting the earth. Upon these trees grew the rudraksha seeds.


☽ Sandalwood is one of the most sacred herbs of Ayurveda. Sandalwood powder and essential oil are renowned for their many medicinal and spiritual uses. Due to its numerous healing properties, pure sandalwood oil and powder are as precious as gold.

Bodhi, in Sanskrit, means «enlightenment», thus Bodhi trees are «trees of awakening». It was while meditating under a bodhi tree that Prince Siddhartha attained enlightenment and became the Buddha. 

☽ Traditionally used for sacred objects, Ebony has long been the favorite wood among the royalty in India. It is also used in the making of malas, rosaries, christian crosses and Samourai swords.

☽ Because of all its propreties, Lotus seeds are used in traditionnal chinese medecine and in modern cosmetic products. In Buddhist traditions, the “Sacred Lotus” is a symbol of vitality and purity...

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