Our jewelry is solid and made with love, but sometimes accidents happen! It can be a sign that there was a breakthrough about the intentions you put in your jewelry!

If some beads are missing, write to us at love@dalaimala.com to know if we still have those kind of beads. If so, put in an envelopp all the beads you succeed to find and we will replace what is missing. 

The delivery fees are for the return of your mala or bracelet.

If there is no beads missing, what you need to buy is the 15$ CAD 'Reparation'.

No discount/coupon code is applicable on reparation/replacement.


  • Choose a prepaid, insured, traceable delivery service. 


    Please send your broken jewelry to:

    Dalai Mala
    2301 Impasse des Artisans
    Qc, Canada, J8C 0R3

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