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Mala Care

A mala is a delicate gift you offer yourself to accompany you on your path of self love and self care; thus, you have to take care of it as a precious object. Choose wisely who you let touch your mala as it holds the energy of your intentions and soak up the energy of anyone who handles it. You can always cleanse your mala by burning white sage or lemongrass over it. If you’ve been through a stressful or negative situation and your mala was with you, supporting you with its beautiful energy, give it a cleanse to help it help you.


Store it in a dry place away from dust and make sure the tassel is in a straight position, that the threads are not folded or intertwined with other jewelry. You may also avoid hanging it not to weaken the cord. When wearing your mala, avoid tugging at it and be careful so it doesn’t get caught somewhere: a strong choc could damage it. Protect the gemstones on your mala from impact against hard and abrasive surfaces not to chip or damage the stones.


We recommend that you remove gemstone, wood and seed malas prior to bathing, swimming and hot yoga. Your mala is a great compliment to your yoga practice, but it is suggested that you keep it at the foot of your yoga mat for it to soak up the energy; avoid wearing it during intense physical exercise since moisture can alter some seeds or woods. For example, the lotus seed is porous and delicate and may shrink, which can lead to cracking.

Some seeds and woods may also darken over time from the natural oils in your skin. Avoid contact with perfume or chemicals.


To freshen up the tassel, you can wet it and gently combing the strands while slightly damp. You can also trim away any strays from the end of the tassel when it is still damp. Allow it to dry fully overnight before wearing it.

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