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Intentions are very personnal. Each of us is unique and has his own strenghts and weakness, struggles and facilities, his own idea of what life should be. Some people can ask for a bigger career and more action, others for a better understanding of themselves and more calm. And those goals can change through time and certain periods of life... You just have to look deep down inside you. What are you seeking for?



What you need to do is simple, but need a little introspection. 



Dig deep inside your soul:


- what are your needs right now?


- what are your dreams, your goals?


- what is it you want to improve or manifest in your life?



Don’t be affraid to dream big, none of the desires that were given to you are too big for you to accomplish. The only thing standing between you and your dreams are your own idea of what you are capable of and your fears.  


What is it you are really after? Finding your voice? Feeling more relax at work or in public? Or more confident, centered? Changing your eating habits? Be clear and specific. For exemple, if you want to improve your relationships because you have the impression they are not as fulfilling as they should, ask yourself: why? Is it because you fear to communicate to your entourage who you truly are? Then, you can ask for more self-confidence, a better ability to communicate or a mind free of anxieties... If you want more self-confidence, don't ask for it, it sends the message you lack of it. What you want is to make a positive affirmation: 



I am confident, I am confident, I am confident.

I have courage.


I am brave... I am love... I am at peace...

I am free... I am strong... I am beautiful... and so on.


I have the strenght to run that marathon.

I can accomplish what it is asked of me in my new post.

I am ready to find love.



Trust the Universe and your ability to improve. Sending a message out to the world and the universe is a powerful technique. You are what you seek. Vibrating in tunes with your goals and your needs will bring you what you are looking and ready for. 



To set your intentions in your mala or bracelet, follow your intuition, your vibe,
your needs:



- You can simply declare your intentions out loud when you wear it for the first time.


- You can repeat your mantra when you notice the presence of you mala during the day,
because it moves when you lean or you are in front of a mirror or you play with the
beads or tassel...


- You can also repeat your intention like a mantra when you put it every morning.


- If you do meditation, you can use your mala like it is intented to originally. Repeat
your mantra each time your slide your fingers from a bead to another.


- You can do a little ritual of your own. Choose your elements, your favorite environment. Just follow your intuition and what seems adequate for you:

  • ☽ You can sit in a confortable place, under the sun or a tree, hold your mala in your hand or on your third eye and do a prayer or a meditation. 

  • ☽ You can burn incense or sage to cleanse the gemstones from its past energies: put the jewel in the smoke and visualise the negative energies of the gemstones following the smoke.

  • ☽ You can use a tibetan bowl or a bell to create vibrations.

  • ☽ You can put your jewel in the sun for at least 24 hours and put other gemstones aroundto increase the energy circulation.

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